Calling Threes “just another” puzzle game is like calling Beyoncé ”just another” pop star, Stephen Hawking just another” theoretical physicist, or Leonardo Da Vinci ”just another” painter. It will never win a Grammy or a Nobel Prize, but thanks to its simple mechanics and challenging gameplay, it will definitely win your heart.

Filled with numbers (many of them 3), the game looks more complicated and intimidating than it is. It’s Threes’ simplicity and style, however, that make it such an infinitely replayable game. To play simply slide to combine tiles with the numbers 1 and 2, an action that will form a tile with the number 3.

Basics learned, you move on to the next step, Where combining tiles with identical numbers (such as a pair of threes) will see those tiles merge, the number double and space free up on the game grid. The higher the numbered tiles you get to, the higher your score.

Once you’ve got the hang of the game’s mechanics, pushing these character-enhanced tiles around will become second nature and an almost a zen-like experience. Yes, at times you’ll rely on the luck of the draw to keep your game alive, but at others you’ll feel like an untouchable master of the grid.

Fun and at times frustrating, Threes is that perfect ‘inbetween moments’ kind of game.

Its pick up and play gamepIay makes it easy to get in a couple games While you’re waiting for your bus or Tinder date to arrive. Who needs a Grammy or Nobel Prize anyway?

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