Can a game be nostalgic and innovative at the same time? If your don’t believe so, Glopy can change your mind.

At the beginning of the journey, we have a 3D wooden puzzle toy on our screens, and inside is a colored ball. If you manage to ride and drop it into the hole of the same color, you will complete the level and witness the victory dance of our retro-futuristic wooden mascot. But don’t let the naive appearances fool you; things will get complicated as you move forward. Really complicated, with multiple colored balls and not-so-scrutable obstacles.

What sets Glopy apart from other puzzle games is its unique and challenging game mechanics. Laws of physics play a fundamental role as you tilt your device and swipe the blocks to solve a multi-dimensional puzzle in each level. There are four different themes in this indie gem created by Turkish studio Loquat Games, and these themes not only offer individual visual characteristics but also have direct effect on the gameplay, by setting their own rules.

If we have piqued your interest, here are our four pro tips to become a Glopy virtuoso. This is not an easy road, yet you’re not alone:

#1 Glopyis a 3D puzzle game, you may therefore need to expand your perspective – literally. Analyze the toy from every direction before you start.

#2 Gravity can be your best friend or worst enemy. No matter how complex a level is, take gravity into account and keep your balance.

#3 Stay aware of themes and complications. When you’re stuck on a level, trying to remember how you beat the previous ones can be extremely helpful.

#4 We admit it’s easier said than done… Be patient, no matter what!

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