You had a successful shopping day: You’ve strolled through your local Shoppers Stop and are satisfied with the new additions to your summer wardrobe. That’s when you stumble upon a beautiful pair of shoes that happens to be on discount for members of the First Citizen programme. But when you get to the check out and the cashier gently prompts for your card, it dawns on you you’ve left your loyalty card at home and the discount seems to vanish into thin air.

Enter Stocard. The app lets you easily scan your cards with your iPhone camera, which means you always have them at hand. Tapping the plus button gives you the option to add additional cards from several popular chains and shops, either by scanning the barcode or by typing in your loyalty program’s number. You can also add photos of your cards front and back, which should bring additional order to your digital collection.

In India, supported brands include Reliance, Taj Inner Circle, Westside, Starbucks, Pantaloons, Apollo Pharmacy, Crossword, Kalyan Silks, Naturals, Spencer’s and Vistara, among others.

Loyalty Cards are great but worthless if you don’t have them at hand. Stocard provides an elegant solution to this problem.

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