“Every time you work out the less i love you”… err, no that isn’t quite right. How does that Sam Smith song actually go? With Musixmatch never again will you be left red faced as you croon completely incorrect lyrics to your favourite chart hit.

The app, which has a huge database of lyrics, connects with your Apple Music account. Open Musixmatch and search for a song and the app will show you the lyrics in real time as the track plays – so that you can sing along with the right words. You don’t need to stay in the app to get the lyrics to all your favourite songs, however. Add the Musixmatch widget to your home screen and the lyrics will seamlessly appear when you play songs through Apple Music.

The app gets even better, though, for non English speakers (or for anyone trying to learn a foreign language). Alongside the English lyrics Musixmatch can give you the translation of the song in hundreds of languages, from Vietnamese to Lithuanian.

So, just FYI, the right Sam Smith lyric in Lithuanian is ”Ir kiekviena karta kai tu iseini, tuo maiiau as tave myIiu.”

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