Would you want us to pull a coin out of your ear? We agree, most likely not. That trick is getting a bit old and (no pun intended) has lost some of its magic. But how about trying something new with your iPhone?

Now we are getting somewhere, right? Jakob Halskov, got the idea for Card2Phone three years ago and decided to take the art of close-up magic with cards into the present. Halskov didn’t stop just at oards. And the result truly feels like magic.

What CardZPhone does is rather simple: it lets you pretend to pull out a coin, card, note or item from your iPhone or iPad.

You aren’t limited to a dollar coin or any other foreign currencies (though you can easily do that if you want). Card2Phone lets you choose from 400 different kinds of cards, items and currencies, with an option to buy more. And if you have a matching real-life item, Card2Phone works its magic as well.

We know: a magician never reveals his tricks. Yet we are sure you would agree, we have to reveal a bit, so to get you started. By showing an item on your screen complete with a fake home screen – and by using a combination of touch and the accelerometer – it creates the illusion for you. With a little practice, you will make it seem like you are pulling the item out of your device.

We have had great success impressing both family members and co-workers with our newfound abilities. You might not end up as the next David Copperfield anytime soon, but you will surely be the center of attention. That we can guarantee.

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