There is never a bad time to kickstart a new, healthy regime and start taking better care of your body. Here is your head-to-toe guide for self improvement.


If you constantly feel so tired that you can’t focus then Elevate will help clear the black clouds from your grey matter. It offers a personalised brain training programme to improve your cognitive functions. Train three times a week to boost your productivity, memory and processing speed.


Sitting at our desks all day with our chins jutting forward is giving us all poor posture. Daily Yoga has a ready- made two-week Healthy & Strong Spine programme with daily exercises including stretches to remedy your stiff neck and shoulders, and sequences to re-align your spine.


Breathe+ makes it easy to take a literal breather. Tap the screen to set the timer for your break and the breath count you wish to follow (in for five, hold for two, out for five, hold for two, for example). A wave-like visualisation will then move up and down the screen to guide your breathing practice. To build a daily habit, set a reminder in the app for a time that suits you each day.


With HeartWatch you can keep track of your heart rate data, collected by your Apple Watch. Simple colour coding makes it easy to understand. The more blue you see, the better your heart health. You can also get the most out of your workouts by tracking your heart rate zones during exercise.


Want to get those guns pumped? Gymaholic has an Augmented Reality (AR) personal trainer, to help you build your muscles. Just look through your device’s screen to see the avatar appear in the room and show you how to properly carry out the exercises. Track the muscles you’ve worked and log the sets you’ve performed.


If your goal is to get washboard abs, check out Sworkit’s Ab 81 Core Workouts. It has three workouts designed specifically to target that midsection and your core. Set the number of minutes you want to work out for and you’ll get a programme to fit that window of time.


It’s time to pay better attention to the food you’re oonsuming. As well as being a fitness traoker for logging your workings, 8fit also lets you log your meals. Take photos of what you’ve eaten and add details yourself. Or follow the meal plan developed for you to fit your calorie target, and choose from the many healthy recipe ideas within the app.

Reproductive Organ

If you’re a woman thinking about your fertility or want to get pregnant, Glow helps you keep track of your periods and your symptoms and in turn will give you predictions about your fertility and ovulation days. The app has a section for male partners, too, in which they can log their physical and emotional symptoms and keep track of their reproductive health.

Legs And Butt

Get those squats going with Runtastic Squats Trainer PRO. Quite simply, you do the squats and the app counts your reps using the accelerometer on your iPhone. Not only does that mean you can’t cheat, but you’ll also know exactly how many squats you’ve done and each time you train, you’ll have to do even more.


If you want to increase your daily step count, then you may as well make your steps actually count for something. Sweatcoin lets you turn your activity into currency. The more walking you do, the more Sweatcoins you earn, which you can then spend on offers in the app.

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