Once upon a time, a princess lived in a tower. Held captive, actually, and by a dragon no less. She had eyes as bright as diamonds, and beauty which was beyond compare. However this princess was no ordinary damsel. This princess could swing a war hammer around without breaking a sweat and save herself.

In Once Upon a Tower, you play as the Princess. Your knight has come and gone (your fire-breathing guard ate him for breakfast), leaving you with his hammer – and a key to freedom. To escape, you need to smash your way down from the top of the tower. But it won’t be easy…

As you descend, you will have to whack a whole bestiary’s worth of enemies while collecting fireflies to help you on your way. There are traps, too, of course, from fireball-spitting totems to spikes that dot your escape route. But as long as you keep your fingers deft, not even the dragon will be able to get its grubby claws on you!

Swipe horizontally to move or pulverise your foes, or swipe vertically to reach up and down with your mallet. The game’s simple yet satisfying gameplay will have you playing long into the night. But after a hundred or so levels, it’s hard not to ask a question: if our Princess is so tough, what locked her up in the first place?

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