Take your basic endless running game. Now add some magic and robot unicorns. Oh right, and rainbows. Lots and lots of rainbows.

That’s just the beginning: gallop past a huge, pink robotic teddy bear and dash through the air as a rainbow beam – all while grooving to the synth-pop.

Yes, there’s a lot going on, and it’s all a sight to behold. But beyond all the glitter, you may be left guessing as to how this game is actually played. There’s some unusual terminology, such as Wish, Melt, and Radiance, which can make basic gameplay difficult for new players to understand. That’s why we compiled this list of tips for anyone looking to leap into Robot Unicorn Attack 3 and literally shine.

Unlock All The Levels

Players don’t pass levels in Robot Unicorn Attack 3 (RUA3). The farther your robot unicorn runs, the more speed it picks up, increasing the number of enemies you’ll encounter. Sooner or later, you’ll die. Once you’ve had enough of playing a level, you have to try and unlock the next one. Most endless runners have hundreds of levels. RUA3, however, only has three, and they are not easy to unlock. To do so you have to keep powering up your stable of unicorns. That increases the overall level of ”citadel”, which at a certain point allows you to unlock a new ”world”.

Power Up Your Unicorn Bros

The idea of ”Fusing” can be a little confusing. Select a unicorn in your stable for the option to fuse it. That doesn’t mean you’re sending it to the proverbial glue factory. Rather, it’s a chance to increase your selected unicorn’s speed and other strengths. Another concept that sometimes loses new players is ”Forging”. It may sound as if you’re melting down scrapped unicorns to collect more Tear Stones (the game’s currency). In fact it’s the opposite. Forging uses Tear Stones (along with other resources) to unlock new unicorns.

Earn Those Tears

Tear Stones open treasure chests and, as mentioned above, unlock more unicorns. Collecting these single-horn studs is one of the game’s most interesting features.

Now, there’s several ways to earn

Tear Stones:

1. Your citadel produces them. A higher level citadel produces Tear Stones more quickly.

2. Collect Tear Stones scattered throughout the level. Any time you run across Lumina, the glowing robot fairy, crash through her to gain Radiance. When you’re all charged up, you can enter Radiant Crash Mode for a chance to earn loads of Tear Stones. Basically, unicorns can jump and double-jump, dash and double-dash. But these unicorns are far from one-trick ponies. With a little know-how, your unicorns can pull triple, even quadruple-jumps: First do a double- jump, then dash, jump, dash, jump, dash… you get the picture.

This technique allows you to clear almost any distance. Use it to reach the higher platforms where you’ll find Big Tear Stones worth five regular Tear Stones.

However, be warned: Big jumps come with big risks, as the high altitudes make it difficult to judge whether your hooves will land on solid ground.

Then again, such matters are trifles for flying, leaping robot unioorns.

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