A New Dimension Of gaming has arrived, and it’s called augmented reality (AR). With these games, the latest iPhones and iPads running iOS 11 become windows into a new way of seeing the world.

Using AR, get up and walk around to move through an immersive scene. Watch game characters tramp over your couch. Battle bad guys at a park, on a street corner, or in a hallway as though they were actually there.

AR uses the camera and sensors on your iPhone or iPad to understand the space around you and overlay enhanced experiences. You’ll wow yourself and then you’ll wow your friends and family.

And AR is just getting started. So go ahead and get a feel for how this will level up your gaming with a few of the most impressive experiences we’ve seen so far.

New Ways To Engage

Transform that ordinary kitchen table into a virtual battlefield with Zombie Gunship RevenantAR, then become an attack aircraft and use your device to aim from a helicopter cockpit while unloading powerful weapons at packs of advancing undead. With CSR Racing 2, you can place supercar classics like a Ferrari F-50 or a new Ford GT in the room with you to turn your favorite living room chair into a driver’s seat-before the game takes you out of AR for some drag racing. Ghosts ’n Guns – AR sends you on a ghost-hunting mission, with pixelized goblins and ghouls coming out of your walls and ceiling. No matter what you play, make sure not to trip over your cat.

Puzzles With Extra Perspective

Walk all the way around the levels of Euclidean Lands. Watch shattered statues burst out of your floor in AMON. Master clever new techniques in Splitter Critters’ AR challenges. Explore surreal adventures in YuME: Alice’s Dream. Shift your perspective with the puzzler ARise. And open up a toy box of psychedelic shapes and sounds with GNOG.

Play At Your Own Pace.

Looking for something more relaxed? Enable Farm to Table mode in Egg, Inc. to watch AR chickens run around; it’s surprisingly soothing. Sit back and tap to guide adorably klutzy birds away from color-changing rings in Squishy Hoops. Or relax while you putt past prehistoric perils in Mammoth Mini Golf AR.

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