As if WWE wasn’t already over-the-top, Mayhem takes this line-up of hulking man mountains and makes them even more outrageous.

Sporting chunky cartoon muscles, gurning visages and cocky in-ring taunts and poses, in Mayhem WWE wrestlers don’t just slam and slap each other about the place, they chuck each other around the ring as if they were musclebound mannequins.

It’s easy and quick to jump into this wrestling-themed one-on-one fighting game. In the very first moments you’re dropped into an eyebrow-raising scrap with The Rock himself, playing as all-American good guy John Cena.

You fight with a mix of taps, holds and swipes. Quicker taps throw jabs, while longer presses result in higher risk power moves. Land a string of attacks and you eventually build up the ability to use a finishing move; a tap of the on-screen icon triggers a suitably extreme version of your chosen wrestler’s signature slam, strike or submission hold.

So it all starts off pretty simple, but play a few matches more and you’ll start uncovering much deeper strategy. You could go right at your opponent with a Rock Bottom or Attitude Adjustment, but each super move can also be banked and used as a counter when the time is right. There’s nothing quite like baiting an opponent into using their big-name moves, knowing you can reverse it.

It’s a good time to be a wrestling fan on the App Store; with WWE Immortals, WWE SuperCard and WWE Champions all very well-made and played by millions, Mayhem is a really strong addition to WWE’s excellent line-up of spin-off games.

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