In the age of fake news, this thought – provoking indie game has never been more relevant.

You’re the editor of The Westport Independent, a newspaper being published under the watchful eye of a totalitarian regime. So it’s your job to speak truth to power. Or is it?

Every decision in this game has consequences for your newspaper and your staff. Go big on a critical story about the government and you could end up being sued… or much, much worse. Paint the ruling party in a positive way, however, and you edge towards becoming part of their propaganda machine.

It’s a constant moral struggle, and it is fascinating to see the repercussions of your decisions ripple out into the society you are trying to serve.

How should you use this power to shape the public conversation? Do you encourage a rebel uprising through the stories you run, endangering the staff and newspaper you hold dear? Or do you play it safe, maintaining the status quo by cowering to the powers that be? The decisions you are forced into may surprise you.

Depending on how you play, The Westport Independent has many different outcomes – some bleak, some promising, and plenty somewhere in between those extremes. But all of them are fascinating, especially in the current media climate.

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