This game has dominated our days and nights of late, and we have some questions for you.

Is it okay that we’ve spent hours meticulously re-creating ourselves from the shape and colour of our eyes to our clothing choices – in the game’s vibrant, whimsical city? And what about our newfound fascination with fantasy home decor? Is it alright to agonise over every towel rack and dining chair, whether the paint in the bedroom is too pure a shade of white or our throw rugs too patterned?

Actually, we don’t really care what the answers are.

Yes, we’re a little caught up in this new ground-up Sims experience, but can you blame us? After all, The Sims Mobile is the most robust, full-featured, and all-around stylish take on the popular life-simulator to grace iPhone and iPad yet. And it tells.

From the moment you design your first character, the game’s depth is apparent. Create a chubby-cheeked, green-skinned barista who flirts with everyone he encounters, or go for a brown-haired curmudgeon who loves spicy food and DJs in her downtime. If you can dream them up, you can design them.

And as these Sims go about their daily lives – cleaning their houses, mingling with neighbours, heading to work at hospitals, coffee shops, and fitness centres – they grow as virtual beings.

When they perform tasks, they unlock currencies and level up, at which time they acquire new abilities and objects, from furniture to original behaviour settings. And it’s not just their own characters that these journeys shape.

Inevitably, your Sims grow old and retire – because time waits for no man (real or artificial) – and they pass down traits to the next generation. So a music teacher’s son might grow up to form a popular rock band, or a yoga instructor’s daughter may one day open her own dance studio. It’s an engaging element that’s sure to keep you gripped to this controllable soap opera.

This isn’t a solitary world, either. You can invite friends’ avatars over, bunk at their digital pad, or meet up at big events, like speed-dating in the park. And with friends and family around, you’ll feel right at home within this innovative mobile world.

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