The adventure starts small in The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands. You’re alone in the wilderness, seeking shelter from the cold. After hours of hiking you come to a clearing, gather what little wood you can find, and start a humble fire.

As day breaks, travelers appear in the distance-a family clothed in rags. After explaining that they followed the glow of your fire through the night, they offer to help around camp in exchange for shelter.

It doesn’t take long for your fledging community to gain steam. Soon you have a farmhouse and feed passersby, some of Whom decide to stay in your village, contributing their services. Others accept your gracious offer of rations to bring back to their own villages. (Your hope is that they’ll return with more help rather than empty bellies.)

It isn’t all smooth sailing, however. You hear creatures in the night, and as the sun sets, farmers, miners, and herdsmen keep watch by torohlight, spears in hand, awaiting Whatever it is lurking in the darkness.

With every sunrise comes hope-and more questions. What Iies beyond the mountains? Who will arrive next at your city gates? And what’s the source of the darkness that threatens to tear down all that you’ve created?

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