This game does for TEKKEN what MARVEL Contest of Champions did for that famous comicbook universe. It’s a smooshing together of every conceivable character from this long- running franchise into one super-comprehensive fighting game.

From the start, players familiar with the console games will get a nostalgic hit from being dropped into an introductory scrap between series stalwarts Kazuya and Nina. And that’s just the start – the more you play, the more you unlock other familiar faces from TEKKEN’s multitude of sequels and spin-offs.

You’ll pick up the controls quickly too, especially if you’ve played Contest of Champions or Injustice 2 before. Tapping and swiping the right side of the screen attacks, while your left thumb takes care of character movement. Holding down on the screen’s right or left hand side charges a more powerful attack and blocks, respectively.

These scraps are quick and brutal. In just one round, you’ll find out which of you is quicker to the punch and smarter with use of the Waza cards, which live in the bottom right of the screen and trigger special moves when you tap them.

Outside of the fighting, the metagame is about gathering together your winnings to unlock and upgrade that huge roster of Tekken fighters. So there’s plenty of meat here if you’re that way inolined, and if not, TEKKEN’s still perfect for a quick blast of spectacular sorapping.

And that’s the beauty of fighting games like this. If you consider yourself a part-time TEKKEN historian, you can lose yourself in a game universe packed with different characters and movesets. Or if you’re simply seeking a spot of thrilling one-on-one fighting, look no further.

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