This game sucks – but in a good way. You’re a pig-like extra-terrestrial, flying around in your USO (Unidentified Sucking Object). As you hover around a collection of floating islands, your aim is to hoover up ooins, fruits and cuboid animals Without hitting any bombs.

Despite its waoky premise, the gameplay is simple. Use one finger to swoosh the USO across the screen and over the objects you want to collect. But be careful – it’s easy to stray into dangerous territory or off the islands and into the abyss.

The square cows and sheep you vacuum up all get added to your research lab (sorry, animal lovers), which leads to upgrades for your USO. Equally, adding to your collection of animals allows you to unlock a new pilot for your spaceship. A piggy-like alien with pigtails, perhaps. Or a snout in shades.

If you’re already finding yourself totally sucked into this game (sorry), then you won’t be surprised to learn that its creator was one of the team behind Fruit Ninja, the classic and hugely successful fruit-slashing game.

With new rewards to earn every day, you’ll want to check back in regularly. And why not? It’s a lot more fun than real vacuuming.

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