Can you name a country beginning with the letter K? Or a fruit starting with N? How about an animal with D? If you can answer these questions without having to look them up, you’ll probably do well on Stop.

This word game was popular in some places back when the mobile phone was merely a a soi-fi dream. Transformed into an app by the Brazilian studio Fanatee in 2014, Stop continues to be a smart diversion for both nostalgia enthusiasts and those immersed in the digital era.

Almost everything in the app works just like the old pen and paper game, starting with traditional categories such as Names, Fruits, and Colors, plus other funny ones like My Dragon is… The only difference is that instead of writing ineligible things that could cause discord at the table, you need to be fast on the keyboard. Games happen in online contests against friends – you can import your Facebook contacts – or random players. The winner is whoever responds quicker or finds more answers to the five questions.

The game is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese. In fact, such linguistic versatility makes Stop also a great tool for anyone who wants to expand the vocabulary in other languages in a fun way – to do so, simply choose your preferred language shortly after tapping on the “New game” button.

One of the highlights of the game is the creative new categories – which are added to the game in every new update. Bad Habits, Pokemon, Smells like… are some of the most intriguing. With a word bank of more than a million words per language, the chance for you to answer something right without being understood is virtually zero.

Stop is the ideal game for anyone who likes a challenge and, of course, expanding their knowledge. Let us give you a helping hand to begin with, here are the answers to those elusive first three questions, jot them down and store them for when you might need them: Kuwait, Nectarine and Dromedary.

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