The heists in SteamWorld are a little different from the ones you might have seen in films like Ocean’s Eleven.

Yes, there are pithy wiseoraoks from the cast, but rather than Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, here we meet sharpshooting robo-spaoe pirate Piper Faraday and weary Whaler-bot Gabriel Stubb.

As ship captain Piper, you’re in charge of assembling a band of robo-cowboys to embark on an intergalactic search for water, loot and more daring comrades to add to your ranks.

Within each new spaceship you encounter, there are enemies to snipe and an abundance of scrap to salvage (if you’re lucky). The heists themselves are turn-based challenges, with enemy units responding after each of your moves. You’ll need to plan carefully, upgrade your robots between fights and work out how to use each of their abilities to your advantage. Equipped with the right weapons, strategy and dead-eyed aim, you might just make it out alive.

It’s the little touches that set Steam World Heist apart from other games. You’ll learn to bounce bullets off floors, ceilings and walls to take out enemy robots; with careful aim you can blast a hat off an adversary and add it to your personal wardrobe.

Between heists, genuinely funny dialogue and impromptu concerts at the local watering hole add colour to this world. And its striking comicbook art and gentle soundtrack are a treat we never knew acoustic guitar accompanied intergalactic bounty hunting so beautifully, but now we do.

Steamworld’s heists might not be What you’re expecting, but for our money, they’re just as satisfying and charming as any George CIooney-fronted crime caper. Are you in or are you out?

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