Stack & Crack is a deceptively simple Iogio game. Wondering if it’s right for you? Let’s break it down. (Spoiler alert: It totally is.)

Each puzzle presents you with a set of colored tiles. Some can move side to side, others diagonally. Simply tap a tile to select it, then tap again to move it to an available square. Your goal is to get them all to the highlighted space on the board.

But wait,” you say. ”These pieces can’t all reach the goal on their own!” Right you are. Much like chess, it’s all about working with What you’ve got. Stack one tile on top of another and it’ll get a piggyback ride, allowing you to move groups of tiles in different directions. Neat, right?

Just when you get the hang of things, Stack & Crack changes the rules. Don’t worry, though-that’s the hallmark of any great puzzle game. Future stages require further manipulation, with special zones on the board that flip or teleport tiles. Tricky!

The key to success is to train your brain to work backward. Where’s the goal and what tile can get there? Can any others reach that one? Take it one move at a time, and pretty soon you’ll make it look easy.

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