You’re one step away from endless riches, but that moment may never come. Flanked by rival entrepreneurs, your satchels overflowing with priceless gems, you’re caught in an economic crossfire. It’s the European Renaissance at its peak-and the setting of Splendor.

Splendor took the board game scene by storm in 2014 with its intuitive mix of quick gameplay, ever-changing strategy, and multiple routes to victory. The concept couldn’t be simpler: Players take turns choosing gems (in the form of coloured chips); they use the chips to buy pieces of property.

But there’s a catch. Both gems and property are drawn from a common pool, simulating an open marketplace. Outwitting opponents to capture the top property requires tactical thinking. On the iPhone and iPad, the board game transforms into a perfect portable companion that you can use solo or with pass-and-play, complete with super-slick animations.

And for those seeking a different take on the core game, Splendor offers single-player challenge missions. Here you’ll have to plot out dozens of turns in advance to achieve true mastery.

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