In this delicious slice of retro platforming, you’re a pizza-loving blob of green slime on an abandoned spaceship. We’ve all been there, right?

Slime Pizza has a big, space-age gameworld, abilities that help you unlock more of the map plus a slightly ominous soundtrack. So it really feels like a tribute to Nintendo’s Metroid games, but one that’s much sillier, and has a lot more green wobbly goo in it.

You fling your translucent hero about the place by pulling back and letting him go, kind of like you do in Angry Birds. And as you explore more and more of your surroundings, you’ll find levers to pull, keys that unlock doors and fun items like anchors, which weigh you down enough to explore underwater sections.

Throughout this, your nemesis – a deadly, sinister white dog in a policeman’s hat – appears within the world to add intrigue and the vague threat he could pop up at any moment.

It’s remarkable that indie developer Gionathan Pesaresi just keeps pumping out handsome, cleverly-constructed retro games like this all by himself.

Following on from Super Cat Tales, Lost Yeti and Drop Wizard Tower, and with the help of fellow pixel art masters Nitrome, he’s produoed yet another hugely enjoyable retro romp. Grab some Slime Pizza before it goes cold. It’s tastier than it sounds.

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