There you are, a lone figure standing atop a floating rock, amidst the crimson sky of a Mars-like world. With a single tap, the game begins and your player character dashes forward. Moments later, you will find yourself making impossible jumps, diving through the sky, aiming for floating platforms while avoiding treacherous chasms.

Created by Vietnam-based Pine Entertainment, Sky Dancer: Free Falling is an infinite runner game with a platforming-cum-skydiving twist, and its challenging gameplay will soon remind you of another Vietnamese game: Flappy Bird. It is not a coincidence that the easiest difficulty of Sky Dancer is called ‘Normal’, before graduating to ‘Hard’ and finally ‘Insane’.

But don’t be frustrated. The simple and highly responsive controls will help you keep running to collect more coins and stars. With those rewards, you will be able to acquire special powers such as slowing down time, as well as unlock companion creatures and relics to help multiply your score. Each Sky Dancer character also has an unique item that will give bonuses to different moves.

Between its heart-stopping moments, Sky Dancer is a gorgeous game to behold: the sky changing from day to night, gorgeous waterfalls dropping into the infinite abyss, the towering pillars of the Mars world, the massive icicles of the Ice world or the verdant rocks of the Jungle world. If you’re a hardcore fan of the infinite runner genre, Sky Dancer is an immensely satisfying challenge that will keep you coming back for more. And if you have never tried a game of this type before, be ready for a mesmerizing journey full of breathtaking sights.

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