Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Damn, that’s one too many. And that third one’s the wrong colour. It’s OK, we can work this out, we’re masters of the grid.

In Rings, the tension is real. A puzzle game where every move has consequences, it puts you in control of your own fate. So, don’t mess it up. One wrong move and it’s game over. Take a risk that comes off, however, and it’s score bonus time.

The premise is simple – match at least three rings of a single colour to remove them from the grid and watch your score get a tidy boost.

Each play space on the 3 x 3 grid can accommodate three rings at a time one small, one medium and one large, so it’s all about fitting these pieces of the puzzle together.

You can have a winning match when your colour correct trio is along a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Or when all three sit on a single spot. Got it? The trouble is you don’t always get dealt individual rings. And those newly dropping combos rarely fit into your plans.

Rings. is a game where you’ve got to have a bit of foresight but always be ready to adapt. With a fine line between success and failure, it will have you cursing and celebrating in equal measure, but always coming back for more.

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