Who says delivering the mail isn’t a valiant task? Not Postknight. This quirky RPG puts you in the shoes of a knight entrusted with the sacred mission of delivering the post from town to town.

In the world of Postknight, delivering the post is harder than doorbells going unanswered and unfriendly dogs. Bandits and wolves roam the forests between towns and do not take kindly to passing strangers. Thankfully, you have your trusty sword and shield to count on. There are only three choices to make in battle: charge your enemies to knock them off their feet, put up your shield for defence, or ohug a potion to prevent defeat. While it might sound simple, timing is everything. When you choose to carry which actions out are crucial to victory as you’ll have to wait after each action for them to regenerate.

You will come across interesting new characters like item-hawking merchants and tip-dropping chiefs in every town you stop by. Of course, let’s not forget the quintessential damsel who will gift you with loot. Take the time for an HP-rejuvenating rest, power up your potions and forge stronger equipment with your rewards before your next delivery. It’s also probably a good opportunity to switch up your gear and skillset to find what works for your next delivery.

The charm of Postknight lies in how accessible and adorable it is yet it remains challenging enough for you to keep coming back for more. And who knows, the next time you see your mailman, you might just think of him as a knight in shining armour.

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