There’s no shortage of building games on the App Store, but this one’s refreshingly different; in Pocket Build, you’re completely free to create a world of your own right from the start.

There are no timers, and you’re not made to work your way up through a gradually unlocking range of turf types, buildings and characters. Just tap on the crane in the bottom right of the screen and start building whatever you like.

Fences, pathways, bridges, houses, tents… about a hundred different trees. There are waIIs, oliffsides, towers, boats… it’s all there to tinker with instantly.

And to bring it all to life there’s a cast of people and, um, goblins to populate the world. Not to mention a menagerie of Wild animals, dogs and farmyard folk.

There’s still a sense of progression in the way you gather wood and food and set people to work. It all means you can spend your yield on more items, but it’s all neatly streamlined and promises not to get in the way of building a world exactly as you please.

This is where Pocket Build excels – it lets players loose with its huge toolset and never really stops you in your tracks. This is a world of simple, unrestrained creativity, where you can pay once upfront and play forever, if you please. Its creator has even promised regular, completely free new items, buildings and creatures to play with.

In a crowded genre, this stands out as being among the most generous and open-ended builders around – it’s no wonder that players around the world have been flocking to create their own Pocket Build.

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