You got married, brought a house, had kids and got the steady job. But you’re also an octopus, and no-one seems to have noticed yet.

If you’re a slippery cephalopod living like a human, things are a bit trickier; when you’ve got eight uncontrollable limbs flailing about the place, making your morning coffee becomes a slapstick nightmare.

Going shopping, tending to your garden, taking your kids to the aquarium – these usually rather mundane fatherly duties become epic comedy capers in Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

It’s deliberately difficult to control, and that’s the strange heart of this game. Performing those everyday dad tasks without causing too much of a kerfuffle is effectively your only goal. And while you’ll often fail and get outed as an octopus, the blow is eased somewhat by the hilarious way Octodad flops around and the complete carnage you’ve left in your wake.

This is among the strangest games on the App Store, and certainly one of the funniest; ever wondered how difficult it is to mow the lawn when you’re an octopus? Wonder no more.

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