In the desert, rain is the elixir of life. It brings new beginnings and hope to all that breathes.

My Oasis starts with your own desert island floating in the sky. It’s a place for you to nurture, watoh grow, and above all, relax.

The game is low stress: Just tap the screen to collect hearts to begin cultivating your sky island. Soon, your ecosystem blooms. The rains come, plants grow, and animals appear. It’s all a testament to the tenacity of life.

My Oasis is for anyone who needs a break from the everyday rat race. Here, there is no rush. The minimalist design and wind chime-like soundtrack help soothe the nerves. There’s something therapeutic about watching what began as a barren island slowly spring to life.

But above all is the game’s message of hope for us all: How with a little conscientious care, Mother Nature thrives and life carries on.

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