If you love the thrill of playing against real people in real time, Mighty Battles is for you. Canadian game developer, Hotheaol Games, has taken what they’ve become known for-silky smooth shooting mechanics (from the Kill Shot Series)-and have blended them perfectly into a fast-paced, real time, competitive battle game. But in a sea of competitive battlers, what makes it stand out from the rest?

1). You are one of the troops

Say hello to your new little friend: the machine gun. Unlike other games, deployment points don’t automatically accumulate in Mighty Battles. So hop on your turret and take out those enemy grunts to build up deployment points that then allow you to call in your troops. No more grunts left to take out? No problem! Use your machine gun to attack the enemy’s base to try to end the battle quicker. Feeling overwhelmed managing both your turret and your troops? No problem! You can always set your gun to Auto Shoot and let it do the dirty work for you.

2). You’re right in the middle of the action

The moment you jump into a Mighty Battles…battle, you’ll be introduced to a whole new perspective. The game puts you right into the fray with a first-person view of the battlefield. This makes every battle feel up close and personal. Deploy your troops correctly and you’ll see them march to victory. Deploy them wrong and your enemy will be in your face, knocking on your doorstep, ready to take you down.

3). You can build the ultimate squad

Mighty Battles is stocked with a wide range of charismatic characters and other game units that you can collect to build your squad. Take the Jetpack Trooper for instance, who flies through the air with his double-popped-collar, or Ember, who packs her trusty flamethrower wherever she goes. Vehicles even take to the battlefield, such as the powerful ”Hydra Tank” with its five-rocket volley, or Big Bertha, a helicopter that transports a tank and drops it right on your enemy’s doorstep. You can even fortify your base with extra machine gun turrets and transform your base’s gun into a rocket launcher. We love creating great combos to take into battle!

On top of this, Mighty Battles also has what makes the competitive battler genre great: Rewards, Divisions, Leaderboards, Clans and Events-it’s a complete package that keeps us coming back.

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