The best bit of any basketball match isn’t the 48 minutes of on-court action, but that part of the half-time show Where a guy in a masoot’s outfit pulls out a small trampoline and everyone goes Wild.

Will he make the dunk or will that oversized head riooohet off the hoop in some form of YouTube gold? Well, thanks to Mascot Dunks, it’s your turn to find out.

You’ve not got to just hit one trampoline though. Instead you’ve got to press and release to bounce from one spring-loaded landing pad to another, to another before finally slamming your dunk. It’s a game of timing and precision, and one that’s tricky to master.

Starting off tough and only getting harder is what makes Mascot Dunks so enjoyable though. Sure it looks all fun and carefree as an oversized bulldog or bright pink reindeer float through the air, but each time you set a new high score, you’ll know you’ve earned it.

Every tiny trampoline you hit is an achievement and as the pace quickens nailing the dunk and avoiding another You’ve Been Framed moment is a thrill.

With 36 different dunks helping keep your action fresh and dozens of different mascots to unlock and customise to your team’s colours, it’s a game that will fill you with the urge to play again and again.

Now, put down your oversized soft drink and bucket of popcorn, it’s time to don a giant cartoon lion’s head.

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