Feeling exhausted after a busy day? Try this puzzle game. Trust us, we are not putting more weight on your shoulders. Let Lunar Flowers bring peace to your mind with a gentle combination of water, flowers and yes, the moon.

You play a little princess in a silky white dress, like in a Chinese period drama. Help her get through various obstacles on land and water in a beautiful moonlit landscape. As you complete more puzzles, the crescent moon gradually transforms into a full one.

The charm of Lunar Flowers is that the game says nothing. There is simply no text or voiceover. The narrative is instead delivered in a visual manner, in the form of flowers given to you and clues such as floating baskets, shadows or anything that asks for your attention before time’s up. Connect those flowers in time or replay until you solve the puzzle. Sounds difficult?The mellow orchestral music in the background will melt any stress away.

Even though the world outside is moving faster than before, there is always time to take a breather and exercise your mind with Lunar Flowers, anywhere and anytime.

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