Cat lovers, prepare to succumb to some of the cutest felines in town. These are the type of cats that will let themselves be pampered nearly endlessly, and catering to their every whim is so easy, so delightful, and so rewarding as well.

Because if there’s one thing these Kleptocats love more than your affection, it’s theft. The more love you show to your kittens, the happier they’ll be to hit the streets to pick up some stuff for you. Just keep an open mind, as these cats are capable of bringing just about anything-who knows? Maybe even your neighbour’s undies!

So try the game and kick off your very own, peculiar collection of totally random stuff that will look grand on your shelves. It’s nearly endless furry feline fun: there are over 300 kitties to treat, wash, pet, play and even dress with the coolest cat apparel around.

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