There you are, in the middle of darkness. All you’re able to see is a pair of eyes looking straight at you. Cute, friendly eyes, that is. Suddenly, a light is turned on, and right in front of you sits an adorable cat who seems to be enjoying silence.

How the heck did you get here? You’ve been klepto’d into a shed, dear. Kleptocats 2 takes our favorite pilfering felines and their world to a next level. Incredibly, the cats are cooler than ever, and the game’s more cute, more fun, and more interactive than its predecessor. And of course, it packs in new features that we absolutely love.

To start off with, the fun and rewards are triple in KlepZCats because we can now dispatch up to three cats simultaneously -and in doing so, their enigmatic modus operandi is at last unveiled: it turns out that our feline friends jump into a pink portal (which defies all of Newton’s laws, naturally) each time to go out for a kleptowalk, which is mental. Where do they go? Well, that remains a mystery, but rest assure, they’ll be back with presents.

The snitching and collecting that captivated us two years ago remains, but Hyperbeard, the Mexican indie studio behind the games, invested loads of time and effort in making the second edition more interactive. For instance, you can now tap some of the objects brought into the Kleptocats realm and do fun stuff with them. Try tapping on a and you’ll be rewarded for keeping your house clean!

Also, now every room has become a place to explore. All of them have secrets revealabIe by finding the carefully hidden puzzles, and by solving them afterwards, of course. Other secrets to discover are those from the cats themselves. By going into your Catalogue and tapping into your cats profiles, you’ll notice a jigsaw puzzle on each. By finding the missing pieces, light will be shed.

Have we mentioned Gem Dog, the game’s canine character? Though he appears (in extremely rare occasions) in the original game, in Kleptocats 2 this pup is ever-present and full of daily surprises.

Enough of us. Start playing now and start catting them all.

Meow, now.

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