So you are the chosen one. And it seems that your mission is pretty cool. Traveling in a spaceship, over time, to visit and discover the mysteries of the ancient civilizations.

What happens if you add a bit of AR (Augmented Reality) into the mix? Welcome to the world of Kidu: A Relentless Quest, a fascinating adventure full of clever puzzles, beautiful landscapes, and low poly-art style -without curves- that will make you feel like you live in an animated story.

Jump, run, crouch down, avoid obstacles… and most importantly, make the accelerometer of your iPhone or iPad become your main ally: rotate your device to the left or to the right to bring the platforms to the perspective of the screen to solve the puzzles and open new paths.

We wanted to bring the characteristics of the kinetic to mobile games, and make that the perspective was a key part in the gaming play,” says Juan Pedrido, director of INvoluntary Games Studio, based in Buenos Aires.

In a journey of 14 levels, you will travel across the Mayan Civilization and then to the Celtic, Chinese and Babylonian ones. Test your discovery mood to find the hidden treasures, which echo archaeological pieces of real life. Each level is a count of the evolution of humans, an answer to the question where do we come from?”, Pedrido adds.

If you want a bit of vertigo, explore the AR (Augmented Reality) levels. You will feel the ground moving around you, and the stones trying to crush you Within your own space. Move carefully and don’t let the flames lick you.

The videos at the end of each level will help you to solve the mystery of the evolution of humanity. And the end… Oh boy the end… You better see it for yourself.

Good luck, visitor from the future.

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