We’re willing to bet you’ve played a pinball game at some point in your life. We’re also pretty confident that you’ve never played one as beautiful as this. Offering a brand new take on a classic, INKS. keeps the basics the same there’s still a little metal ball, paddles, and bumpers – but mixes things up with a unique twist or two.

Instead of hitting points-filled targets, INKS. has you aiming at colourful panels. And, with no points to play for, you’re not trying to rack up a highscore. Instead, you’re competing to clear the coloured zones with the least number of paddle flips as possible.

With each level having a maximum moves target in order to get full marks, there’s a goal to strive for, and some serious puzzling required to achieve it. Don’t we all want top marks and the accompanying gold star?

The gameplay is frantic and exciting, but the look of the game will have you gripped, too. Strike one of the coloured panels and, BANG, it makes explosions look beautiful.

These aren’t explosions of violence. Colourful ink replaces fireballs, and a paper canvas stands in for a backdrop of crumbling buildings. The harder the strike, the more the colours splatter. You get to make a mess (yay), but one with artistic flair (even better). And, bonus points here, there’s no tidying up at the end. Just enough levels and a brilliantly balanced difficulty scale to keep you coming back whenever you have a spare minute or two. The tricky levels are the main draw, the artistic beauty is the bonus.

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