The levels of hocus contain such impossible geometry, they may as well have been created by Escher. The aim of the puzzle game is to get a tiny cube into a tiny hole. But that alone can be tough.

You’ll quickly find yourself on the opposite side of the screen to Where you need to be, with no apparent way to reach the goal. It will take some serious mind bending to complete all 100 levels.

Sometimes the best part of a game isn’t immediately apparent, though. This is the case with hoous. Since, when you’ve finished solving someone else’s problems, you can use the level editor and make your own. It’s here where the real fun starts.

Thanks to the easy-to-use tools, you don’t have to be a quantum physicist to make levels. Just tap on hexagonal cells in a grid to set up sections of the level and then connect them together with a few swipes. The game takes care of the rest of the construction.

At the end of the process, you’re left with a code that can be shared with other players. So get creative and boggle some minds.

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