Would you date a pigeon? What if you were one of the last humans on earth and pigeons were the dominant life-form after bird flu nearly wiped out humankind? And these birds happen to be your high school classmates? It’s not really a question one gets daily, but if you’re curious about the experience, there’s Hatoful Boyfriend. In this dating sim you go about your days at St. PigeoNation’s Institute, a high school where you are the sole human student.

Of course being the one person in the entire building that isn’t covered in feathers, you find yourself in an awkward situation. Quickly however, you manage to make friends with a diverse cast of pigeons and doves and eventually find – dare we speak its name? – love.

So far, so silly. What makes Hatoful Boyfriend great is that it awards players for putting in time. As any good dating sim does, it offers multiple endings depending on which pigeon you decide to spend time with during your playthrough.

After finishing the game a few times, some new options open up – and that’s when the story of this game just completely goes off the rails. We won’t spoil it, but here are some keywords to whet your appetite: a murder mystery, blackmail, a stun gun and biological weapons. Yeah, this game goes places.

So, want to spend some time this Valentine’s Day dating pigeons? It might be more rewarding than you think!

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