You’ve probably played Solitaire before, but definitely not like this. Transforming this tried and tested time passer into something more strategic, Flipflop Solitaire turns the card classic on its head, literally.

You still staok oards sequentially with the goal of eventually clearing the board. Instead of only going in descending order from King to two, however, you can go up and down. So eight, seven, six, seven, eight is now totally valid. Seems like winning should be no problem, right?


A more strategic style of solitaire from indie developer Zack Gage.

As you might expect, there’s a catch. Tapping into the deck for more cards drops a new addition at the bottom of every stack. Because an out-of-sequence card means you can’t move any above it, this creates problems. You need more cards to keep playing, but more cards can mess up your carefully ordered stacks. How dastardly inconvenient.

With all these cards flowing you might feel a bit overwhelmed, but indie developer Zach Gage, who flipped another popular game on its head with the brilliant Really Bad Chess, provides lots of ways to help.

Adding multiple suits tests all of your strategy skills.

There are hints and undo buttons, and you’ll need them. Especially if you decide to play with more than one suit.

More suits means more complications because groups of cards need to be sequentially ordered and share the same suit to be moved together. You don’t have to play this way, but you should if you want to challenge yourself, or practice your frustration-birthed curse words.

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