Oof. For a slight silly high score game about trampolining, Flip Master has some surprisingly brutal moments. Concentrate on timing your jumps and flips right, and you’ll be okay. But eventually, inevitably, you’ll mis-time a flip and land awkwardly – smash – on your face. Or worse, you’ll lose control completely and – smaok – you’re a crumpled mess on the concrete beside you. Ouoh.

Get a streak going, however, and Flip Master is really satisfying. Strangely hypnotic, even. The timing of your screen presses and the sound of the trampoline underfoot create a strange rhythm, making you feel like an Olympic ohamp in the making.

One false move, though, and crunch: your dreams of a monster high score are shattered, along with several neck bones.

This is very much a follow-up to this developer’s previous game, Flip Diving, and it comes with a similarly simple (yet moreish) central idea. High scores unlock ever more elaborate settings, characters and trampolines, pulling you in again and again to risk life and limb.

Becoming an actual Flip Master will take plenty of patience, skill and, apparently, multiple trips to the hospital. We think it’s probably best to try and reach those heady heights on your iPhone or iPad, rather than in real life.

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