Your knees are buckling, your health bar depleting, you know another vicious attack is coming; what do you do? Usually you’d rely on a classic combo – a devastating roundhouse kick followed by a powerful uppercut but Fling Fighters isn’t your typical 3D fighter.

Instead of throwing the sort of moves that bring The Karate Kid and Rocky to mind, this game has you throwing actual, physical things at your opponents while they do the same to you.

OK, yes, it’s a little ridiculous, especially given the intentionally crude, blocky, over-the-top characters, but that’s also what makes this game so much fun.

Duking it out in fast-paced, intense competitions that fall somewhere between an out of control food fight to a full-on riot, it’s impossible not to raise a smile as you hurl a gingerbread man at your latest foe while they fling soft toys, bags of money or bombs back at you.

There’s more to it than simply slinging stuff though. With more than 40 characters to battle, each with their own unique objects and special moves, you’ll have to include a bit of strategy if you’re going to make it past the single-player boss battles.

When you’re on the defensive you’ve got to strafe and jump to dodge their attacks, use the environment as an ally train-top fights and ohasm-adjacent scuffles are primed for slip-based mishaps – or utilise the falling crates and dangers to your advantage.

It’s the game’s reaI-time muItipIayer, however, that really shines. Everything that makes Fling Fighters so much fun is doubled when tusinng with real people or competing against your friends to determine who flung it best.

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