A good chunk of the opening to Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition sees you reluctantly pushing your stalled car along a desert road with your friends. It’s not a typical opening gambit from a series famed for its epic scale and ambition; but it’s fitting for this latest episode in the saga, a Pocket Edition of the console game which does an impressive job of cramming all of Final Fantasy XV into an iPhone or iPad.

That opening is indicative of this game’s message. It’s about the friendship and camaraderie between you, the hero Prince Noctis, and your three friends Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus. You and the gang are sent on an adventure across Eos, meeting other characters, completing quests and battling foes along the way.

Where Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition differs from the much-admired console game makes perfect sense creator Square Enix has retooled this huge adventure to work intuitively on touchscreens, with swipes and taps to control the action, a more streamlined battle system and a new angular art style.

lmportantly, all of the character voiceovers are retained in Pocket Edition, so the banter that really brings these heroes to life remains and works beautifully. There’s real warmth in these friendships, and as the adventure unfolds, you’ll really begin to care for Noctis and his crew.

Exclusive to the iOS edition of this game is the Cactuar Sword, a weapon based on the recurring monster of the Final Fantasy franchise; it’ll please long-standing fans of the series and is also intended to give new players an edge over enemies in battle.

Indeed, this game’s arrival on the App Store marks the ideal entry point for those yet to take the plunge into the world of Final Fantasy. It’s among the world’s most revered and popular game series for good reason – quite apart from the impressive technical achievement of oramming such an epic tale onto iPhone and iPad, this game has all the hallmarks of a classic Final Fantasy romp: action, adventure, a deep world and a compelling story.

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