Full of wacky surprises, Doomsday Clicker takes a popular gaming trope and blows it to kingdom come.

For once, the end of the world isn’t a struggle to survive, nor is it the least bit grim. It’s a chance to make money! Now that everyone’s living in underground bunkers, you can put them to work generating a steady revenue stream.

As in most idle games, you boost growth by investing: upgrading rooms, adding new ones, and splurging on additional bunkers. (The more citizens you have, the more cash you crank out.) You also face unexpected threats, like giant spiders that halt production until you eradioate them.

The game gets even more creative with how to maximize profits. Smooshing cockroaches on the surface grants instant bonuses, but the piece de résistanoe is Doomsday Clicker’s version of a prestige mechanic. To start from scratch and build money faster, you actually tap a red button and trigger a fresh apocalypse, which turns all your people into faster-working mutants.

Like the rest of the game, these brink- of-extinotion events (including an alien invasion!) are played for humor, not horror. They’re also a perfect example of how Doomsday Cliokerturns genre staples into olever, can’t-miss gameplay.

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