Being a grown-up sometimes means sword fighting with evil monsters has to wait until we’ve finished mowing the lawn.

This is why Dash Quest Heroes is a godsend. It’s an action role playing game, distilled into a small and appealing package.

There are shiny swords that will help you beat that final boss, daring quests, lots of skills, magic and baddies. And pixelated… everything. Best of all, you only need a few minutes for an adventure.

While Dash Quest Heroes has everything we remember from classic RPGs, it plays more like an endless runner.

It’s simple: Tapping one side of the screen makes your hero launch a full on attack. Tap the other side for a shield, giving you temporary immunity against enemy attacks – if timed right. There’s a village to shop in and branching paths to explore. Some of these will lead to quiet fishing spots, where a whole new game begins. You can compete to hook the biggest catch, against players from all over the world.

Ten minutes is enough to have fun here. But, we won’t blame you if you spend a whole night boosting your hero’s skills while slaying orcs. This time, the chores can wait.

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