Corporate Salmon is mostly about a fish flipping up a staircase, and your dressing that fish in different outfits while lounge music plays. It’s also a metaphor for climbing the corporate ladder. You spin past under performers and boost yourself ever higher.

To play, you need to tap at exactly the right moment to launch your fish. Power-ups can help, making you bigger or affecting time. It’s an entertaining mix of randomness and skill-based gameplay.

You might laugh at a fish in a business suit, frantically flopping. Ridiculous, to be sure. But it’s hard not to marvel at how the game distils professional ambition, and with such style and humour. Salmon swim upstream to spawn. People wade against professional currents to provide for their families. Are we really so different?

Many arcade games deliver thrills, but Corporate Salmon does so While giving you more to think about, however absurd that may be.

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