As the eponymous villain in Card Thief your goal is to steal as much loot as possible, but to achieve your nefarious goals you’re going to have to put your cards on the table.

It looks simple enough to begin with. Move your way through a three by three grid of cards using up stealth points with each move, as you try to knock out the guards and make off with the swag.

But you’ll soon be looked in by the subtleties, like how to move through the field, how to avoid enemies and when to use certain special powers you unlock after playing a few rounds. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the game is absolutely gorgeous to look at something you’d expect from developer Tinytouohtales, whose previous game Carol Crawl is just as handsome.

We’re not going to suggest that stealing is a wholesome pursuit, but Card Thief oertainly makes it a lot of fun.

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