When two dastardly aliens beam down and pinch your pet pooch, you set out on a mission to bring him home.

As the charming Polo, this means tackling a series of puzzles in pursuit of your adorable little chum. It’s clever stuff – each of these single-screen challenges has a number of slot reel-like options, and you’ve got to rotate them to get Polo to the next portal unscathed.

So that means, to begin with, swiping so that when Polo jumps out of a window, he lands safely in some hay rather than thumping into the ground. It gets complex quickly – soon, you’ll line up an elaborate series of bouncy objects to fling him across the top of a unicycling cyclops.

There’s a cheery cartoon charm to this game that’s quickly becoming the trademark of creator Alike Studio. ”We wanted a mix of humour and emotion, as we did in Love You To Bits,” explains Xavi Terris, co-founder of Alike with his twin brother Marc.

“Failing is not a problem, but an important part of the gameplay because you see new and different things. In fact, lots of players fail deliberately just to see What happens next”.

It’s true, there’s real fun to be had in just spinning the reels and seeing how Polo meets a sticky end. Some stages have up to 700 outoomes – but don’t worry, after a quick rewind, Polo is back, grinning and ready for more punishment. That poor poooh won’t rescue itself.

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