UK indie studio Nitrome is the master of quick-fire thrills, but it has produced something rather different with Beneath The Lighthouse.

This is a calming, serene game that plays out at a very different pace to Nitrome’s previous efforts. But it’s still got that colourful retro look the developer has honed to perfection over the years.

It sits somewhere between a puzzle and a platform game. You rotate each circular stage and let gravity do its thing in order to get the hero – a little ball with a fetching sailor’s hat – to the exit.

The breezy, intermittent soundtrack, the gentle squawk of seagulls… this is a game with a lovely, calming disposition. And as you figure out the right way to angle the stage, you’re allowed to fail as many times as you please.

If you’re into nailing a high score, you can play against the tioking clock in the top left of the screen, but really, you can ignore it most of the time. It doesn’t matter. There’s no rush. Beneath The Lighthouse hints at Nitrome’s huge range of talents; it’s not just the creator of a seemingly endless string of fast-paced high score games, it excels at making more considered fare like this, too.

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