Caught between a chasm and an oncoming army, your caravan must make a desperate gamble. Your mage forms a floating bridge – but halfway across, it starts to crumble. To avoid certain doom, you need to lighten the load by dumping precious food and supplies… or a few unfortunate stragglers. What do you do?

This challenging sequence embodies what makes Banner Saga 2 shine. It’s a hardcore game for hardcore gamers, thrusting you into a world where humans and Viking giants are at war with stonelike beings and a strange darkness consumes the land.

While leading survivors on a long trek, you’ll juggle all sorts of decisions, including when to camp and whether to take in newcomers. You’ll also have quiet moments to banter or reminisce about fallen friends.

Banner Saga 2 is a tactical role-playing game: You’re constantly reassessing where to place specific heroes, who and how to attack and employing unique strategies in various situations.

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed, however. Just lower the difficulty so your characters can’t be hurt and you’ll still get the chance to experience the entire story.

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