Trying to define Armello is tricky. It could be considered a tabletop game, a card battler, a light RPG, or an adventure game. But actually this stylish debut from Australian developer League of Geeks is all of these and more.

Armello takes its name from the fantasy kingdom in which the action unfolds – a realm inhabited by cIans of anthropomorphic wolves, rabbits, bears, rats and other animals, each determined to overthrow the corrupt monarch.

The unique turn-based play is both challenging and deeply strategic. As you navigate the game’s hexagonal tiles, you’ll encounter unusual terrain and take on enemies of all sorts, using stealth to evade and tricks to misdirect.

Along the way you’ll have to meticulously juggle your own stats, acquiring new cards, and adding more members to your party.

Armello contains a big element of chance. You roll virtual dice to determine whether your actions succeed or fail, which means that sometimes, you’ll come to a battle certain you can’t lose, only to have your foe squash your dreams by pulling out the perfect item or character card. Factor in that world maps are randomly generated and you get a game that is anything but predictable.

Initially, Armello’s extensive rules and robust play systems can be daunting. But those who stick with it will be well rewarded.

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