Your Living room is a war zone, and not just because of the pizza boxes and bottles left over from last night’s party. Thanks to augmented reality (AR), Smash Tanks turns your living room into an actual battlefield with tiny tanks scuttling their way across your carpet.

Destruction is the name of the game, with your trio of tanks needing to be pulled back and fired into enemy territory in order to topple towers, fell foliage and attack your opponent’s armoury. Don’t go in without a plan though. With you and your opponent taking it in turns to destroy each other’s tanks, these machines will be coming back at you soon enough.

A game of strategy, luck, and ultimately brute force – what really makes Smash Tanks a must-play is its brilliant use of AR.

With the game world superimposed onto the real world through your device’s screen, you’ll quickly find yourself lying on the floor, getting up close to the augmented action to line up your shot before running around to the other side of the virtual creation to see its impact.

It’s a game that evolves, too. With additional weaponry being dropped into the world, you’ll soon pair your tank-flinging with rocket-firing and mine-laying, and while you can up your skills in head-to-heads with computer-controlled opponents, it’s when facing off against real-world opponents that things really get exciting.

Like an extreme mashup of snooker and Jenga, you and a friend can compete on a single device or with individual devices pointed at the same augmented play zone.

The best bit? Despite creating a scene of destruction on your floor, when you’re finished playing the only thing you’ll have to tidy up is those discarded pizza boxes.

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