As Agent A your mission (should you choose to accept it, of course) is to capture the beautiful and elusive spy, Ruby La Rouge. To complete the mission, you’ll need to unravel various interconnected mysteries and ponderous puzzle games.

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise, was created by Australians Mark White and Jason Rawlings of Yak & Co. This stand-out indie game has a nostalgic 60’s style design, with the setting reminiscent of old Bond movies (this was no accident, Art Director White is a great fan).

The game opens outside a mansion, thought to be the hideout of Ruby. As you explore the rooms inside, remember to keep an eye out so you don’t miss any small, but crucial, clues. Hints to solve mysteries are hidden everywhere, so tap away as you investigate each scene. The cheeky puns you uncover along the way are sometimes useful, and other times just plain funny, adding to the contrast of light-hearted fun teamed with intense, mind-bending puzzling.

As you achieve missions and mini
games, the game will expand rapidly. If you’re like us, they’ll be moments of frustration along the way when you feel stumped by a puzzle. The trick
here is to keep calm and retrace your steps with your wits about you. You’ll get there sooner or later, and have a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you do.

With it’s compelling play, unique style and intuitive navigation, it’s no wonder AgentA: A puzzle in disguise has already been so popular and received many accolades since it first launched
on the App Store in 2015. Now it’s
grabbed our attention all over again with the release of the highly anticipated fourth chapter ’A Narrow Escape’, where you’ll enter Ruby’s underground hideout.

Good luck, Agent A.

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