Glitches and bugs used to be mistakes. They were interruptions or disturbances in a photo, video or a piece of music. Not anymore.

These days they’re intentional – and the rise in popularity of glitch art has led to the creation of apps designed specifically to make imperfect visual effects.

Hyperspektiv is a video and photo effects app created by electronic music producer Justin Boreta of the LA-based electronica trio The Glitch Mob. He teamed up with a fellow music producer Dean Grenier, who runs a record label, and programmer Allan Lavell to make the app, which is designed for the creation of glitch art and now has a strong cult following.

Search the hashtag #Hyperspektiv on lnstagram or Twitter and you’ll see thousands of glitoh-art creations. Allan LaveII’s previous app, Glitch Wizard, is also widely used to make artworks within this genre.

We harness randomness,” says Justin Boreta. ”A lot of the best results in our music come from happy accidents, and the same is true of the app. We try something, and sometimes it works out as planned, and sometimes the mistake is better than the thing we were trying to make in the first place.”

Hyperspektiv has filters that mimic thermal cameras or that fracture images into kaleidosoopio oreations. Others add haunting ripple effects, bend light or leave you seeing double.

Unlike traditional filters, which can only be applied after the fact, Hyperspektiv lets you view its distortions instantly. Slide your finger across the screen before you take your shot and you’ll tweak a filter’s effects in real time. Each lens is customisable so you can vary the level of distortion. According to Boreta, the feel of Hyperspektiv is just as important as the resulting photo or video. ”This app has always been a bit of an art project for us,” he says.

For Dean Grenier, it all comes down to the power of the iPhone in your pocket

If we weren’t using technology to express ourselves in some way, it would be a big wasted opportunity, and I don’t mean sharing a link or leaving a comment,” Grenier says. The stuff you can do with Hyperspektiv wasn’t possible this easily, this deeply or this diversely before.”

You can use the filters in Hyperspektiv to create an interactive piece of art one that has the potential to change how you see the world.

So, you see, not all filters were created just to make your social media feed look cooler.

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